The Rovaniemi area is in the arctic zone; the climate is mild, subarctic, and characterised by extreme seasonal changes between darkness and light, cold and warmth.

Mean temperature: +0.2°C
Annual rainfall: 535 mm
Snow stays on the ground 183 days / year.
Coldest recorded temperature: -45.3°C.
Highest recorded temperature: +30.6°C.

Monthly daylight times

Month Sun rises Sun sets
January 1. 10.58 13.44
February 1. 09.18 15.44
March 1. 06.31 17.29
April 1. 06.31 20.13
May 1. 04.31 22.01
June 1. 02.12 00.17
July 1. - -
August 1. 03.55 22.48
September 1. 05.50 20.42
October 1. 06.28 17.44
November 1. 08.16 15.45
December 1. 10.13 13.58

Lowest and highest temperatures of the month c°

Month Average highest Average lowest
January -9.9 -20.0
February -8.6 -18.4
March -2.7 -14.2
April 3.3 -6.7
May 10.7 0.4
June 17.5 6.9
July 19.7 9.4
August 16.7 7.3
September 10.6 2.9
October 3.3 -2.4
November -3.3 -10.2
December -7.7 -17.3


Weather and clothing

To prepare for the winter­time freezing temperatures, you should have warm layers of clothing and thick outdoor clothing. Footwear should have warm lining and thick soles. Warm headgear, woolly socks and good gloves are all part of winter clothing. It is important to remember to cover your face with for instance a scarf or commando mask, especially for small children and especially for harsh freezing temperatures. The wind chill always increases the strength of the freezing temperatures.

Warm safari equipment may be hired from the local safari com­panies.

In other times of the year, it is also worth packing something warm but you should remember that during the summer from June to August it can also be very warm.

You will not have to worry about mosquitoes during mid­summer. They do not really appear in the town areas, and if you go into the forest, it is sufficient to wear long sleeves and trousers. The food shops and service stations sell very effective mosquito repellents.