You'll find lots of different activities in Rovaniemi around whole year. See our recommendations below!

Magical winter on the Arctic Circle

Enjoy the magic of winter on the Arctic Circle. Discover the beauty of the snow white landscapes on a snowmobile, reindeer sledge or even mushing your own husky sledge. 

While sharing your experiences with friends and family around a warm campfire with a warm cup of coffee, the Northern lights might even be dancing in the skies above. An absolutely unforgetable experience is to take a sauna and cool down in a frozen lake or snow!

Nature wakes up in the Spring

Nature transforms in spring  after a long winter sleep. Rent a fatbike and discover the wide variety of trails in and around Rovaniemi.  How about a river cruise to a reindeer farm in a traditional church boat? Animal lovers can try to find elks (Moose) on a guided safari or you can go on your own to look at the polar bears playing at Ranua zoo.

Rovaniemi Summer - Midnight Fun

Rovaniemi is sparkling under the Midnight Sun.  Many events are organised in and around the city center whre you can enjoy the local gastronomy in the many bars and restaurants.  You can of course also choose to enjoy the silence of nature and go paddling or fishing under the Midnight Sun.

The fun and daylight just doesn’t stop!

Autumn colors

Enjoy the silence and autumn colors in unspoiled nature from the beginning of September. Silence and the beauty of nature will recharge your batteries and boost your energy.  You can go on a guide picture tour and get the best advise from a professional nature photographer. This time of year it’s also nice to pick delicious berries and mushrooms.

Did you know that we already can see the first Northern Lights at the end of August?